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Curbing cyber crime exposure via affective enterprise risk assessment

With the proliferation of Internet across the country, cyber crime has become the new underworld threat of this generation, and it is growing daily at an alarming rate. Though, the Internet creates unlimited opportunity for commercial, social, and educational activities but not without its own peculiar risk.
Today, technological advancement that should be seen as a positive development is being used as tool through various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G.Mail, yahoo, Twitter among other social media to defraud the unsuspecting public. Most motives behind the crimes include making quick money, sexual harassment, playing pranks, and causing mayhem. This problem is faced by both the private and public sectors.
Instructively, this menace has raised the need for organisations, even government parastatals, to deploy a security solution that helps to identify

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Enterprise endpoint protection failures will continue until accountability increases

There is a great need for sweeping changes, more so than most know. The Cyber War continues to heat up and no enterprise is left on the sideline. Smaller business are being left for dead, successful ransomware attacks are driving more ransomware attacks, and the largest of enterprises with best practices in place are getting breached repeatedly. Hundreds of millions of customers’ records have been stolen, with more inevitably to follow.

The many different resources the enterprise throws at this weighs like a tax that grows every year. And what do we get, cyber tools and services that are less and less proactive and more and more reactive. Helping to create and sustain this, too many different players profit more from the chaos of cyber-attacks than their defeat. When did you last see a forecast that this cyber tax will be repealed, or at least reduced one year? Taxes are ultimately

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The Internet of Storing Ransomware – Enterprise Times

FBI arrests two RomaniansOn the 28th December, two Romanian suspects were charged with hacking in the USA. They have been formally named as Mihai Alexandru Isvanca, 25, and Eveline Cismaru, 28.

Both suspects were arrested at Otopeni Airport in Bucharest on Dec. 15, 2017. However, given the nature of the charges, the details were not released until they were in US custody.

Isvanca and Cismaru are charged with hacking into 123 surveillance cameras belonging to the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in January 2017. The surveillance cameras were used to store copies of the Cerber and dharma ransomware. The ransomware was then distributed via spam email. Over 179,000 email addresses were recovered by investigators. They have also identified a number of victims although they have not said how much

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Android Security, Ransomware, And Enterprise-Level Support

Ten years ago this month, Google announced its release of Android, which has since transformed the smartphone market landscape. Today, Android is powering more than 2 billion devices (including phones, tablets, televisions, etc.) and it has just started to pick up speed in the enterprise world.

With hardware advancements, devices such as smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing other gadgets we use both at home and in the workplace. Some estimate these numbers will grow to more than 6 billion smartphones by 2020. By replacing personal computers, many of these devices are used for everything ranging from web browsing, paying bills, online banking, digital wallets, and storing personal information to being used as point-of-sale payments. Therefore, securing these devices should be a top priority in both enterprise and home environments.

Many enterprises are struggling between BYOD (bring your own device) adoption and developing security strategies for smartphones and tablets.

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ESET Southern Africa guns for enterprise space

ESET Southern Africa guns for enterprise space

IT security firm ESET has announced its intention to aggressively target the enterprise market, underpinned by the rollout of a new consumer solution. The traditionally SME-focused company says the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and exponential growth in data volume has opened up businesses to more risk.

ESET is looking to capitalise on these commercial IT security trends to engage the highly competitive enterprise space and increase its position as the third largest endpoint security vendor in South Africa, according to the IDC and Gartner.

The security firm says any connected businesses in the digital age is far more exposed to external risks, including data theft, ID theft and extortion. This is exacerbated by the continued risk, within the company, posed by BYOD, offsite internet connectivity and access to the corporate network.

The company has now

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How to stay a step ahead when cyber threats affect your enterprise

A recent report showed that there were 18 million new malwares captured, which is an average of 200,000 per day. Cyber crime is a threat you cannot ignore. 

It’s Monday morning and you are ready for work. Everything looks great until you receive a notification message from the bank stating that there was a transaction made from your account and all the money has been transferred to an unknown account.

How did it happen? Who made the transaction? Whose account did the money transfer to? Did it really happen or did the bank make a mistake? Did someone hack the account? These are some common questions that will pop up in a situation like this.

A cyber breach can happen anytime with anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or an institution, as there are not enough security measures you can

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Latest ransomware: enterprise IT teams earn flak

Ross Brewer, vice-president and managing director of international markets at LogRhythm, said both WannaCry and the latest attack showed “the lack of accountability and focus on basic IT and security fundamentals”.

“Core IT operational competencies, such as patch management, back-ups, disaster recovery, and incident response are not well implemented or maintained,” he said.

“These are absolutely essential in protecting your company from damaging cyber threats and without them you are left in a perpetually vulnerable state, a sitting duck for these types of attacks, merely hoping that you aren’t compromised. The only actions you take are responsive, only after some other unlucky company was compromised.”

Brewer said that security vendors were often criticised for fear mongering and exaggerating the possible consequences of a cyber attack.

“But I think we can agree that recent events are starting to show that the warnings were warranted,” he said. “These attacks are targeting our top businesses, banks, healthcare

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