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Eutnahized dog leads to cyber-bullying attack | Marion County …

Choice made after attempts to find owner of aggressive animal failed

Staff writer

A canine picked up near the highway by Florence police left a local business taking the brunt of a cyber-bullying attack over the weekend after the dog was euthanized.

The dog was taken to Animal Health Center in Marion, owned by veterinarian Jessica Laurin.

According to a post on the center’s social media page, the dog was acting aggressively toward high school students who tried to walk it, suggesting the possibility it may have been abused. Center personnel determined the dog was not a candidate for adoption.

The dog reportedly had no tags or a microchip when it was brought in.

After a week of unsuccessfully trying to track down the dog’s owner or finding someone who could work with the aggressive dog, the dog was deemed harmful to public safety and

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