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How a former stalking victim is helping take criminal harassment out of the shadows

What followed were 11 years of constant harassment, guilt-inducing messages about how he would kill himself, and relentless stalking at her place of work, university, and every new apartment she moved to and he eventually located. Even though he later married and had children, the stalking and the messages continued.

There were so many messages over the years that Lalonde had 70 pages of documentation saved as proof for the police. His threatening presence became a permanent fixture in her life, her version of “normal.” The only thing that eventually put an end to her ordeal was that her stalker died in an unrelated accident.

While considerable focus has been put on gender-based violence, sexual assault, and domestic abuse — much of it spurred by the #MeToo movement — stalking is one area of related behaviour that doesn’t seem to get as much attention. And yet it’s much more prevalent than people

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Family Says Former Child Model Killed Herself Over Bullying

The family of a former child model, widely known as the face of an Australian hat brand, claims she killed herself because she couldn’t stand cyberbullying she faced anymore.

Amy “Dolly” Everett was 14 when she ended her life, according to the New York Post.

“Doll had the strength to do what she thought she had to do to escape the evil in this world,” her father, Tick Everett, wrote on Facebook. “However, unfortunately, Dolly will never know the great pain and emptiness left behind.”

The family shared a drawing by Dolly of a skinny figure that was bent over backwards with the words, “speak even if your voice shakes” in bold. It was completed before taking her own life on Jan. 3.

“This powerful message tells the dark, scary place our beautiful angel had traveled to,” the family said.

Akubra hats posted an Instagram tribute to Dolly, who was the

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Anti-Cyber Bullying Campaign Launched After Suicide Of Former Akubra Child Model

The suicide of a 14-year-old girl who was once the face of iconic Australian outback hat maker Akubra has left the nation shocked, as her grieving family launch a campaign to raise awareness of cyber-bullying.

Amy “Dolly” Everett, who at eight years old was the face of Akubra, took her own life last week. Her family said her death came after she was victimised by cyber bullies.

A national anti-bullying campaign has been launched in the wake of

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Former child model killed herself over bullying: family

A former child model, who was once the face of an iconic Australian hat brand, killed herself because she couldn’t take being hounded by cyber-bullies anymore, her family said.

Amy “Dolly” Everett, who was 8 when she starred in an ad campaign for Akubra, was 14 when she committed suicide, her family announced Sunday.

“Doll had the strength to do what she thought she had to do to escape the evil in this world,” her father, Tick Everett, wrote on Facebook. “However, unfortunately, Dolly will never know the great pain and emptiness left behind.”

The grieving dad then invited the people who’d tormented his “precious little angel” to a service in her honor so that they could “witness the complete devastation” they created.

He then urged people to stop bullies and bullying so that Dolly’s life “will not be wasted.”

On Wednesday, the family said they would start a trust called Dolly’s Dream aimed

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Former NBA Star Ray Allen Alleged Victim of Cyber-Stalking

New York, NY(Law Firm Newswire) January 3, 2018 – As reported in the New York Post, Ray Allen, a former star of the NBA, claimed he is a victim of “cat fishing,” and has requested that a court dismiss a case in which he is alleged to have stalked a person he met online.

Last November, Allen filed an emergency motion in Orange County, Florida, one day after Bryant Coleman informed the court that he is being stalked by Allen. However, Allen maintains that Coleman is the individual who is guilty of stalking.

According to the motion that was filed on behalf of Allen, Coleman posed as a number of attractive women who expressed an interest in Allen. Allen’s attorney issued a statement to the effect that Allen filed a legal claim in hopes of putting an end to threats against him and his family, and that Allen was

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Former nurse sentenced for cyber stalking campaign – Scottish …

A 27-year-old who carried out a campaign of harassment against a number of women has been sentenced to 22 months in prison, made the subject of a non-harassment order and placed on the sex offenders register.

Adele Rennie, a former nurse, has admitted using a host of invented aliases to carry out a series of stalking and sexual offences, a breach of the data protection act and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard that Ms Rennie, using the names “David Graham”, “David Crolla” and “Davie”, “Marco” and “Matthew Mancini”, pursued online relationships with 10 women through various social media, dating websites and applications over a four year period.

She often reused the same storyline and characters, referencing the same names and using the same photos in each interaction.

In some instances she would call and speak to her victims using a voice changing application.

She would

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Former PSNI officer who attempted to buy gun on dark web handed 11-year sentence

Allen Kennedy leaves Downpatrick court following previous hearing.Allen Kennedy leaves Downpatrick court following previous hearing.

Allen Kennedy leaves Downpatrick court following previous hearing.

December 14 2017

A former PSNI officer who attempted to buy firearms and ammunition on the dark web has been sentenced to 11 years.

Allen Kennedy, formerly of Strandtown PSNI station, will serve 5 and a half years in prison and another five and a half years on licence.

The sentenced handed down at Downpatrick Crown Court also takes account of numerous drug-related charges and perverting the course of justice.

In October, Kennedy (31) pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition, namely a 9mm handgun, silencer and 10 rounds of

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Former police officer given 11-year sentence after admitting buying a gun on the dark web

A former police officer has been given an 11-year sentence and will serve half of it behind bars and the remainder on licence after pleading guilty to buying a gun on the dark web.

Allen Kennedy (31), with an address at Strandtown PSNI Station, had admitted possession of a firearm and ammunition, namely a 9mm handgun, silencer and 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition; drugs related charges and perverting the course of justice.

He was sentenced today at Downpatrick Crown Court.

At a previous hearing a prosecution barrister had told the court that Kennedy had used the dark web to try and buy a gun from two undercover police officers.

The court was told Kennedy had made contact with a man on the dark web called ‘Ally’ who he believed could provide him with a firearm “but who was in fact an undercover police operative”.

Kennedy later met one of the undercover officers at Annadale Embankment to buy the firearm in

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