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Market insight—Cyber-Attack: All Eyes On Your Data

Johannes Stillig, Head of Cyber at the reputation and privacy crisis consultancy, Schillings, sets out the steps that family businesses and their executives need to take to mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack and the loss of private and confidential information. 

In your experience, how are family businesses performing when it comes to cyber security?

Johannes Stillig: Progress is certainly being made. Prominent cyber-attacks in recent years have brought cyber security to the fore, and in instances where we’ve assisted clients with their cyber security arrangements, we’ve seen a significant increase in their understanding of the threats they face. That said, there is a risk that complacency is creeping in due to the sheer magnitude of cyber-attacks being reported in the media. People are simply becoming desensitised to the issue.

Furthermore, just installing a high-end security solution doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax; because building higher technical defences will only

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Researcher Provides Insight Into North Korea Cyber-Army Tactics

TORONTO — There is a mysterious Cyber-Army allegedly built by North Korea, that has been attacking targets in South Korea and around the world for the last several years. That army is a little less mysterious to security researcher Ashley Shen, who gave a deep dive talk on the tactics and tools used by the North Korean hackers, in a session at the SecTor security conference here.

Shen is an independent security researcher working with Team T5 Inc and is the founder of HITCON GIRLS which is the first security community for women in Taiwan. 

Shen noted that there have been multiple publicly reported incidents in recent years, including the WannaCry ransomware attack, the attack against the Swift bank transfer system in Bangladesh and the attack against Sony Pictures, which all can be tied to threat actors based in North Korea. She emphasized that what has been reported in the media is

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Understanding Today’s Cyber-Security Threats – CIO Insight

New Face of Cyber-Security

Over the past few years, digital technologies have rippled through the business world and unleashed unprecedented innovation and disruption. Yet today’s technology framework also has put businesses in the crosshairs and created new levels of risk.

No longer are cyber-threats thwarted by clearly defined perimeters such as firewalls. No longer are malware and cyber-attacks blocked by traditional security tools designed to identify specific viruses and code. “It’s an entirely different landscape,” observes Oswin Deally, vice president of cyber-security at consulting firm Capgemini.

To be sure, mobility, clouds, the internet of things (IoT) and the increasingly interconnected nature of business and IT systems have radically changed the stakes. There’s a growing need for security

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A step towards cyber protection | Malaya Business Insight

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Reformed hacker offers insight into cyber crime

With law firms notably one of the largest targets for cyber security attacks, a former hacker turned security expert has revealed how smaller players, including SME law firms, can properly protect themselves from inevitable threats.

In his youth, American Kevin Mitnick engaged in “pranks” that involved hacking, such as directing friends’ phones to payphones.

“I never did it to make money; I never did it to do any damage; it was all about the intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge and the adventure for me and the fun. Eventually, fast-forward, I got myself into a lot of trouble,” he told Lawyers Weekly’s sister publication, MyBusiness.

That trouble was with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Yet getting caught has led him to a lucrative career consulting some of the world’s biggest

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