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Monitor ‘deep web’ to tackle cyber crimes: MHA to states

To tackle the “border-less” world of cyber crimes, the Centre has asked states to set up systems to monitor “deep web” which is often used for planning and execution of nefarious activities by criminals.

It also wants the states to set up or strengthen its existing social media monitoring facilities with special emphasis on vernacular content, as a lot of such information are being passed through WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media tools to incite trouble.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has now sent an ‘advisory on cyber crime prevention and control’ to all states insisting on the need for gearing up institutional mechanism to tackle cyber crimes, which pose “technical, administrative as well as legal challenges” in investigations.

It wants the states to have domain experts in information technology, mobile telephony, digital forensics and cyber law “hired from the market” in the cyber crime coordination cell at state

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3 Easy No-Brainer Tips to Monitor Your Child’s Activities Online Without Being too Intrusive

I don’t blame her. During her time, internet was not something 10 year olds had much access to and even if they did it was to play games. Now kids play games, read articles and books, chat with their friends and stream videos online.

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Be afraid of the dark web – or learn to monitor it

In recent months, many column inches have been dedicated to discussion of both the deep web and the dark web. It’s very important to draw a distinction between the two. The deep web usually refers to sites that aren’t indexed by search engines, while the dark web is primarily comprised of sites that need software such as Tor or the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) to access. In this article, we’ll focus on the dark web, which news articles often paint as the seedy underbelly of the internet – a place where no respectable browser will dare venture.

While it is true that there are many sites on the dark web dedicated to the buying and selling of illegal items, such as drugs, weapons and even human organs, it is worth bearing in mind that there are also some positive, legal reasons that people use the dark web. For example, activists working

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