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DAG Rosenstein: ‘Sophisticated Attacks Focus On Particular Businesses’

Photo supplied from the U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

“It is important to report cyber incidents as quickly as possible.” said U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the Global Cyber Security Summit, hosted by Skytop Strategies in London this past October.

As the global threat of cyber security breaches continues to grow, it becomes paramount for a company’s well-being, both financial and otherwise, to remain vigilant in it’s updates of the cyber security threat landscape.

A recent global cyber landscape threat report by Fortinet, Inc. identifies 3 general types of threats:

  • Exploit Data: Attacker reconnaissance activities to identify vulnerable systems and attempts to showcase those vulnerabilities;
  • Malware Data: Weaponization or delivery stages of an attack rather than successful installation in target systems;
  • Botnets Data: Command and control traffic between compromised internal systems and malicious external hosts.

According to this report, the third quarter

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PSNI’s Cyber Crime issue warning on this one particular scam

Detectives from PSNI’s Cyber Crime Centre are advising businesses across Co Armagh to be on the alert for a particular email phishing scam.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Harvey said: “This particular email will contain a link that is designed to download malware.

“People should be cautious when opening email attachments in general, but specifically if they are sent a document entitled, ‘Payment_Secure_Doc.pdf’.  The subject of the email may be ‘Payment Plan/Inv’.

“If you or your staff are in any doubt about unsolicited emails, do not open the email or click on the attachment.

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“We would remind all businesses to make sure that system patches are applied and anti-virus applications are kept up to date and to take steps to protect themselves by making sure employees are aware of the following:

∙ Do not click or open unfamiliar

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