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US Publicly Blames North Korea For the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Photo: AP

President Donald Trump’s homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, claimed that North Korean hackers were behind this year’s massive, global WannaCry ransomware attack on Monday evening in a Wall Street Journal editorial.

Beginning in May 2017, the WannaCry malware spread rapidly across computer systems across the globe, allegedly aided by leaked National Security Agency technology. The software locked users’ computer systems and demanded ransoms in Bitcoin, generating an embarrassingly small amount of actual cryptocurrency ransom but leaving a digital paper trail a mile wide. The attack was eventually slowed down due to an amateurish mistake in WannaCry’s code that exposed its kill switch, though updated versions of the malware are still circulating.

Security firms tentatively concluded WannaCry’s creators were “fluent in Chinese” based

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