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Researcher Exploits Intel Remote Management Security In 30 Seconds But It’s Not What You Think

The big news in security (or lack thereof) recently has been the Meltdown and Spectre issues that have plagued Intel, AMD, and Apple. Those aren’t the only security issues that computer users are facing. Security research firm F-Secure has found a new security flaw that it says affects Intel Active Management Technology or AMT. AMT is an Intel proprietary solution that allows remote access or monitoring and management of personal computers in a corporate setting.

8th Gen Intel Core S series Chip8th Gen Intel Core S series Chip

The tech was meant to allow IT departments in these large organizations or managed service providers to control fleets of computers. F-Secure Senior Security Consultant Harry Sintonen found a flaw in AMT in July of 2017 (it has only now been disclosed) that surprised him. He said, “The attack is almost deceptively simple to

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Dark web vendors are selling remote access to corporate PCs for as little as $3


With the right password, hackers can remotely access a network without the victim knowing they’re there.

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Dark Web marketplaces are selling remote access to desktop PCs for as little as $3, allowing criminals to spy on firms without resorting to malware.

The increase in underground vendors selling remote access credentials

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‘Younger’ season 4, episode 3 recap: ‘Forged in Fire’ – Hidden Remote

Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press

Liza and Kelsey head off to a networking retreat in the woods, but does Liza leave with a new job? ‘Younger’ makes shocking moves in the bitter feud.

After three long weeks of salty sidelong glances, Younger takes a giant leap toward patching up the problems between Liza and Kelsey. Episode 3 offers a genuine answer to the loaded question hanging over Season 4: Will Kelsey forgive Liza? But as the old adage goes, things must get worse before they get better. And when Millennial Print hits the road to a networking retreat, things definitely get worse.

Liza and Kelsey receive an invitation to attend the elite Bonfire retreat and talk on a panel about the future of publishing. Considering Kelsey kills Liza with saltiness, a trip to the woods sounds like exactly what they need — or the makings of

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