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Sarahah Needs To Stop Before Someone Seriously Falls Victim To Its Cyber-Bullying

“Leave a constructive message.” #Sarahah.

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Sounds eerily familiar, right? We are sure your feed must be flooding with posts (and so are your DMs).

Right now, the social media is divided into two sections: people who are going all ‘Sarahah, Sarahah’ and people who are avoiding it or at least trying their level best to avoid seeing those sea green-white templates showing up on the social feed. Which one do you belong to?

Those of you who have absolutely no effin’ clue as to what I am talking about, then let me quickly fill you in. Sarahah, the raging app, is the latest social media fad that lets you leave an anonymous message to someone, personally. Yes, the key here

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New Sarahah App Leads To Cyber Bullying And Ego Boosting

Sexy man in bed shirtless abs

Sexy man in bed shirtless abs

An App That’s Too Honest?

There’s a new app out there that’s paving the way for bullying.

A couple days ago, I was on Facebook just scrolling down and passing the time. A friend of mine posted a picture of a speech bubble and inside that was essentially the digital version of hatemail.

With her being an artist the message essentially summed up to saying that she was a hack with no talent or future.

At the time, I dind’t understand what the message was but knowning that she had a web comic I assumed it was from some hater who read her content.

Turns out, it was someone she knew.

Yes, there’s a new app out there that was released a little less than a year ago but has now

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Counselors worry new Sarahah app could become platform for cyber – WDRB 41 Louisville News

For several months, the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force has been investigating several people for drugs. On Thursday, it served search warrants.

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The Sarahah app: What is it and why is it so popular?

From secret crushes to horrible bosses, people are always wishing for ways to vent on someone without breaking the status quo in real life. Well, help is here.

The Sarahah anonymous messaging app provides a platform to search for users, express one’s feelings much easily and anonymously, and end it there.

It was designed as a self-development app, but with the increasing numbers of cases of cyber-stalking and trolling it remains to be seen if this app, which has been making waves in the last few days in India, is the best thing for iOS and Android users.

Remember Orkut’s testimonials? Where a friend can post what they feel about us and we are left feeling good for the rest of the day? We did see this concept used in sayat.me, and maybe a few more websites. But if the feedback is negative, could be from anyone, it could hurt users with anxiety

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Sarahah app: Brutally honest, or cyber bullying? – KMTV

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – It’s called Sarahah, and it’s the latest app some are sharing for the trendy appeal, while others worry about cyber bullying.

Brandon Cordes, 35, is a stand-up comedian who has downloaded the app. He’s used to hecklers to his face. Now, with Sarahah, people can heckle- or compliment-anonymously.

“With hecklers, it’s usually someone who is drunk or thinks they’re funny, so you can usually shoo it off. When it comes to no face, we can see how the internet can be. So it’s terrifying,” Cordes says.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works. Users download the app to their phone or sign up for an account online. They then share a link to their Sarahah account to social media, and wait for the comments to come in. The name, is Arabic for “honesty” and was the creation of a Saudi developer who made it for workplace feedback. Parent worry

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What is Sarahah and Why is it Raising Concerns of Cyber Bullying?

Every once in a while, there comes an app that gets immense attention. There are apps like Prisma that garner overnight popularity for their sheer creativity, and on the contrary, there are apps that top the charts by sparking controversies. One such app that has recently gained popularity is “Sarahah”. This app has alarmed parents in the US and the UK as it is posing as a convenient way for teen cyberbullying. Teenagers constitute the principal share of users for Sarahah and it is raising concerns of all sorts.

Sarahah: The origin and beginning of chaos

If you haven’t heard of this app yet (good!), then let us explain it to you. Sarahah is an anonymous messaging service like sayat.me that lets users send anonymous messages. All they need to do is register on the app and pass on the link to their profile to friends or even post

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