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Spencer Pratt Breaks Down All the Drama on This Week’s Siesta Key

Everything’s gone to hell in Siesta Key. Last week, while Madisson was having her dreams shattered in New York, Brandon was cheating on her back home. And this week? Well, it all came to a heart-wrenching head at the Halloween party — with Madisson being the last to learn that the man she’s spent an entire summer loving never really had her back. So what happens now? Cosmo caught up with reality king Spencer Pratt to get his take on Brandon’s low-down, dirty behavior. And boy did he have thoughts.

On Brandon’s voiceover

“As much as Brandon’s always on that microphone, I felt like his narration was a real disappointment. I get he didn’t like what he was discussing, but it didn’t come off as smooth as his rap flow. If that music producer gave his music a C, I think he’d give this voiceover a D-. Sorry.”


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