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UK wants to tax Twitter and Facebook in the fight against cyber-bullying

UK ministers said today Facebook and Twitter could be asked to pay a levy for the “undeniable suffering” they have caused amongst young people.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley suggested an “industry-wide levy,” where social media companies and service providers fund campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet, amongst other proposals. She also indicated she wants social media platforms to reveal the scale of online hate found on their websites in order to take a more direct approach towards these issues.

Various foundations which promote internet safety awareness and those who help tackle these problems would receive the money collected, in hopes of building a safer internet community. No specific figures have been declared yet as the options are still in discussion.

Bradley urged for a voluntary social media “code of practice” to take down any offensive or bullying online content as quick as possible. She added, “Collaboratively, government, industry, parents

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Facebook, Twitter Face a UK Levy If Cyber Bullying Not Tackled

Social-media giants such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. will have to reveal the scale of cyber bullying in the U.K. and face being made to pay the cost of dealing with it.

Under the latest guidance by the U.K. government, technology companies will be required to publish an annual report on how complaints are handled, the reported abuse that is pulled down and the extent of their efforts to moderate bullying or offensive content about children, women, gay people or religions.

One of the proposals is for “an industry-wide levy so social-media companies and communication service providers contribute to raise awareness and counter internet harms,”​ according to a statement published Wednesday that didn’t give further details.

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“Behavior that is unacceptable in real life is unacceptable on a computer screen,” Culture Secretary

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Ministers unveil new cyber bullying crackdown – but Facebook and Twitter won’t be forced to sign up

A new crackdown on cyber bullying and web trolling is unveiled today – but web giants will not be forced to sign up.

Firms like Twitter and Facebook will be asked to stump up for an industry-wide levy and code of practice to help tackle online harassment, ministers revealed.

But Whitehall sources admitted it will be voluntary and the social media companies will not have to take part.

The Government has repeatedly threatened to impose tough new curbs in a bid to force the websites to clamp down on rogue users who exploit the web to spread hate and inflict misery.

But, in a victory for web firms which insist they are already taking action, ministers have backed away from making the levy and code of conduct mandatory.

Instead, an annual internet safety report will be published outlining web giants’ success in combating abusive and harmful content, under plans set out in today’s Internet Safety

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Facebook and Twitter will be made to reveal scale of online hate in crackdown

Facebook and Twitter will be told to reveal the true scale of online hate as part of a major crackdown on the Wild West of the internet.

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley will tomorrow unveil a new ‘internet safety strategy’ to ensure web firms face up to their responsibilities on trolling and cyberbullying.

As part of the strategy, social media companies will for the first time be told to publish how many complaints they get each year about abuse – and what proportion of abusive messages are actually taken down.

Facebook and Twitter will be told to reveal the true scale of online hate as part of a major crackdown on the Wild West of the internet

Facebook and Twitter will be told to reveal the true scale of online hate as part of a major crackdown on the

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New AI system can detect sarcasm on Twitter

Once the system read tweets for emotions, the researchers taught it to recognise sarcasm, ‘MIT Technology Review’ reported.

“Because we can’t use intonation in our voice or body language to contextualise what we are saying, emoji are the way we do it online,” said Iyad Rahwan, associate professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“The neural network learned the connection between a certain kind of language and an emoji,” said Rahwan.

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Twitter takes new steps to counter cyber bullying and hate speech