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Jamaica lost US$100m to cybercrime in 2016 — Govt

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — Senior Advisor in the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, Trevor Forrest, is urging increased vigilance against cybercrime, as everyone is at risk.

He noted that last year, the country lost US$100 million due to cyber criminal activity, and a report for this year has indicated that more than 230,000 threats were detected in the space of a month.

“You cannot get rid of the threats that we are facing, but you can only put measures in place to mitigate,” he said.

“So individuals need to understand that this is not something that just Government must do. Everybody has a responsibility to protect themselves and their businesses from these kinds of attacks, as everyone is affected by this,” he added.

Forrest said people who use automated teller machines (ATMs), pay bills or shop online, use WhatsApp or Twitter on their phone are at risk and must be sensitised about good

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Jamaica lost US$100m to cyber crimes during 2016

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The National Security Council (NSC), in a meeting yesterday, learnt that Jamaica, in 2016, lost approximately US$100 million to cyber-criminal activity.Head of the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), Dr Moniphia Hewling revealed the data during her presentation to the NSC while highlighting the need for public education as well as individuals and entities reporting incidents of cyber crime.

Hewling indicated that Jamaica has seen a rise in consumers, businesses and even government agencies being fleeced of hundreds of millions of dollars and emphasized that everyone is at risk. She noted that cyber security issues are not going away, which meant that the need for policies and holding people accountable to good cyber practices must be in place.

Chair of the NSC, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has decided to raise this issue to the level of Cabinet to ensure that resources are allocated to increase the country’s capacity to deal

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