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Phishing vs Vishing: The Verbal Challenge – E

Phishing vs Vishing: The Verbal Challenge

Varun Kapoor *

As cyber crime explodes globally, new and challenging types of crime terms and names are emerging almost daily in public space. If being safe and secure in the virtual space was not a problem enough, citizens today have to deal with this increasingly vexatious terminology and trying to decipher.

First of all they have to figure out what all this cyber-computer related jargon really means and then they have to undertake the onerous task of safeguarding themselves from its evil tentacles. This

sometimes proves to be an almost impossible task and before the poor citizens can get an idea what the crime connected to the name is, they have already become victims of it.

Another challenging feature is that each day a new cyber crime with a new techno-challenging-logic-defying name hits the society. How many and how often will

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